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Widmer (2)


Donal is currently translating books 4-6 by Urs Widmer for Seagull Books.

The first of his first three Widmer translations – My Mother’s Lover, an English version of Der Geliebte der Mutter – appeared in June 2011, and was soon nominated for the Newton First Book Award of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. This book was also considered for the Wolff Translator’s Prize 2012.

Donal’s translation of  Das Buch des Vaters My Father’s Book – appeared next. This book was considered for the Wolff Translator’s Prize 2013 and shortlisted for the Best Translated Book Award (USA).

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Book 3, Widmer’s Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics – On Life, Death, and This and That of the Rest will appear in 2013.

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The next three titles to be translated are Herr Adamson, Der blaue Siphon and Im Kongo – all fiction.


In 2013, Donal’s translation of Abbas Khider’s first novel, The Village Indian, will also be published by Seagull. Born in Iraq, Khider has been living in Germany since 2000 – and now writes in German.

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And so, in this case, a piece of Iraqi fiction will have made its way into English – via German!

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