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Read Recently (2008-2014)

NB: Top of the list is the title added most recently.

Adnan Mahmutovic, how to fare well and stay fair, Salt 2014 (2012) Stories

Ali Smith, Artful, Hamish Hamilton 2012 Part fiction, part essay

Akhil Sharma, Family Life, Faber & Faber 2014 Novel

Andres Neumann, Talking to Ourselves, translated by Nick Caistor & Lorenza Garcia, Pushkin Press 2014 Novel

Colin Barrett, Young Skins, Jonathan Cape 2014 (2013) Stories

Gavin Corbett, This Is The Way, Fourth Estate 2013 Novel

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Vintage 2010 (1925) Novel

Jane Gardam, Old Filth, Abacus 2013 (2004) Novel

Billy O’Callaghan, Learning from the Greats, Cork City Libraries 2014 Lessons on Writing, from the Great Writers

Kathy D’Arcy, The Wild Pupil, bradshaw books 2012 Poems

Nuala Ni Chonchuir, The Closet of Savage Mementoes, New Island 2014 Novel

Max Frisch, Aus dem Berliner Journal, Suhrkamp 2014 (‘From the Berlin Journal‘) Journal

Jürg Halter, Wir fürchten das Ende der Musik, Wallstein 2014 (‘We Fear the End of Music‘) Poems

Jon Semadini, La Jürada / Der Bannwald, translated by Claire Hauser Pult & Chasper Pult, Edition Howeg 2012 (”La Jürada‘) Long story

Leo Tuor, Cavrein, translated by Claudio Spescha, Limmat 2014 (‘Cavrein‘) Long story

Monica Cantieni, Hieronymus’ Kinder, Rotpunktverlag 1996 (‘Hieronymus’ Children‘) Long story

Ana Maria del Rio, Carmenoxid, translated by Thomas Brovot, Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt 1999 (‘Carmenoxide‘) Long story

A L Kennedy, All the Rage, Jonathan Cape 2014 Stories

Hugo Hamilton, Every Single Minute, Fourth Estate 2014 Novel

Donal McLaughlin, beheading the virgin mary & other stories, Dalkey Archive 2014 Stories

Andre Dubus, Selected Stories, Vintage 1996 (1988) Stories

Monica Cantieni, The Encyclopaedia of Good Reasons, Seagull 2014 Novel

Maja Haderlap, Engel des Vergessens, Wallstein Verlag 2011 (‘Angel of Oblivion‘) Novel

John Williams, Stoner, Vintage 2013 (1965) Novel

Alfred Andersch & Max Frisch, Briefwechsel, Diogenes 2014 (‘Letters‘) Letters

Hassan Blasim, The Iraqi Christ, Translated by Jonathan Wright, Comma Press 2013 Stories

Colm Toibin, The Empty Family, Scribner 2012 (2011) Stories

Tania Hershman, My Mother Was An Upright Piano, Tangent 2012, Fictions

Denis Johnson, Train Dreams, Granta 2013 (2002) Novella

Chris Dolan, Redlegs, Vagabond Voices 2912 Novel

Bernard Mac Laverty, Collected Stories, Cape 2013 Stories

Franco Supino, Musica Leggera, Rotpunktverlag 1996 (‘Musica Leggera‘) Novel

Franco Supino, Wasserstadt, kwasi verlag 2013, (‘Watertown‘) Teenage Fiction

Jens Steiner, Carambole, Dörlemann 2013 (‘Carambole‘) Novel

Eoghan Walls, The Salt Harvest, Seren 2011 Poems

Loredana Nemes, beautiful, Hatje Cantz 2013 Photographs & Texts

Billy O’Callaghan, The Things We Lose, The Things We Leave Behind, New Island 2013 Stories

Christoph Simon, Luna Llena, bilgerverlag 2003 (‘Luna Llena’) Novel

Oona Frawley (ed.), New Dubliners, New Island 2005 Stories

Seamus Heaney, New Selected Poema 1966-1987, Faber 1990 Poems

Abbas Khider, The Village Indian, Seagull 2013, Novel

Andrej Longo, Ten, translated by Howard Curtis, Harvill Secker 2013 Stories

Adam Marek, The Stone Thrower, Comma Press 2012 Stories

Colm Toibin, The Testament of Mary, Viking 2012 Novel

Eugen Ruge, In Times of Fading Light, translated by Anthea Bell, Faber 2013 Novel

Pedro Lenz, naw much of a talker, Freight 2013 Novel

Neil Mackay, All the Little Guns Went Bang, Bang, Bang, Freight 2013 Novel

Urs Widmer, Reise an den Rand des Universums, Diogenes 2013 (‘Journey to the Edge of the Universe‘) Autobiography. Novel

Urs Widmer, On Life, Death, and This and That of the Rest, Seagull 2013 Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics

Jonas Lüscher, Frühling der Barbaren, C.H.Beck 2013 (‘The Barbarians’ Spring’) Novella

Naoki Higashida, The Reason I Jump, translated by KA Yoshida and David Mitchell, Sceptre 2013 Non-Fiction

Ali Smith, Shire, Full Circle Editions 2013 Stories

Andre Dubus, Adultery & Other Choices, David R Godine 1991 (1977) Stories

Peter Orner, Esther Stories, Back Bay Books 2013 (2001) Stories

Christoph Simon, Planet Obrist, bilgerverlag 2005 (‘Planet Obrist‘) Picaresque Novel

Christoph Simon: Franz oder Warum Antilopen nebeneinander laufen, bilgerverlag 2001 (‘Franz or Why Antelopes Run in Herds‘) Novel

Michael Fehr, Kurz vor der Erlösung, Der gesunde Menschenversand 2013 (‘Just before Salvation‘) Seventeen Sentences

Arno Camenisch, Fred und Franz, Engeler 2013 (‘Fred and Franz‘) Novel

Andre Dubus, Voices from the Moon, David R Godine 1984 Novel

Annie Ernaux, The Possession, translated by Anna Moschovakis, Seven Stories Press 2008 Fiction

Peter Orner, Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge, Little, Brown & Co 2013 Stories

Raymond Carver & Tess Gallagher, Dostoevsky, Capra Press 1985 Screenplay

Urs Widmer, Ein Leben als Zwerg, Diogenes 2006 (‘Life as a Dwarf‘) Novel

Abbas Khider, Brief in die Auberginenrepublik, Nautilus 2013 (‘A Letter into the Aubergine Republic‘) Novel

Urs Widmer, Im Kongo, Diogenes 1998 (1996) (‘In the Congo‘) Novel

George Orwell, Politics and the English Language, Penguin Books 2013 (1945) Essay

A C Clarke. Fr Meslier’s Confession. Oversteps Books 2012 Poems

Andrew Greig, Found at Sea, Polygon 2013 Poems

Christoph Simon, ein pony in nachbars park, ein rennpferd in meinem, Edition BAES 2009 (‘a pony in next door’s grounds, a racehorse in mine‘) Poems

Prudence Andrew, Dog! Thomas Nelson Inc. 1973 (1968) Children’s Fiction

Scott Hames (ed.), Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence, Word Power Books 2012, Essays

Maggie Rabatski, Holding, New Voices Press 2012 Poems

Paul Yoon, Once the Shore, Sarabande 2009 Short Stories

Wayne Price, Furnace, Freight 2012 Short Stories

Colum McCann, Let The Great World Spin, Random House 2010 (2009) Novel

Roddy Doyle, Two Pints, Jonathan Cape 2012, Dialogues

Padgett Powell, The Interrogative Mood, Profile Books 2010 (2009), A Novel?

Simon R Biggam, These Are Only Words, Chroma 2006 Novel

Adrian Searle (ed.), The Hope That Kills Us, Polygon 2003 (2002) An Anthology of Scottish Football Fiction

Gearoid Mac Lochlainn, Criss-Cross Mo Chara, Clo Iar Chonnacht 2011 Poems

Hassan Blasim, The Madman of Freedom Square, translated by Jonathan Wright, Comma Press 2009 Stories

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich [1959], The Independent / Banned Books 2007 (Harvill 1991) Novel

Deborah Levy, Swimming Home, And Other Stories 2011 Novel

Juan Pablo Villalobos, Down The Rabbit Hole, translated by Rosalind Harvey, And Other Stories 2011 Novel

Iosi Havilio, Open Door, translated by Beth Fowler, And Other Stories 2011 Novel

William Letford, Bevel, Carcanet 2012 Poems

Stephen Watts: Journey Across Breath / Tragitto nel respiro, translated by Cristina Viti, Hearing Eye 2011. Prose poems / ‘Scrolls’

Christoph Simon, Zbinden’s Progress, And Other Stories 2012 Novel

Lynne Edgar, Trapeze, Lapwing 2011 Poems

AHRC CISS (ed.), Causeway / Cabhsair, Issue 5, Aberdeen 2012 A Magazine of Irish and Scottish Writing

Felicitas Hoppe, Der beste Platz der Welt, Dörlemann (Edition Spycher) 2009 (‘The Best Place in the World‘) Long Story

Katharina Tanner, Da geht sie, Limmat 2009 (‘There she is now‘) Novel

Andreas Altmann, Das Scheissleben meines Vaters, das Scheissleben meiner Mutter und meine eigene Scheissjugend, Piper 2011 (‘My Father’s Shit Life, My Mother’s Shit Life and My Own Shit Youth‘) Memoir

Kevin Barry, Dark Lies The Island, Jonathan Cape 2012 Short Stories

Friedrich Christian Delius, Der Sonntag, an dem ich Weltmeister wurde, rororo 2011 (1996) (‘The Sunday I Became World Champion‘) Long Story

The Shortlist. The Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award, A Waterstones Publication 2012 Six Short Stories

James Kelman, Mo said she was quirky, Hamish Hamilton 2012 Novel

Kiran Nagarkar, Ravan & Eddie, Penguin Books India 1995 Novel

AHRC CISS (ed.), Causeway / Cabhsair, Issue 4, Aberdeen 2011 A Magazine of Irish and Scottish Writing

Arno Camenisch, Ustrinkata, Engeler 2012 (‘Last Last Orders’) Novel

Urs Widmer, Herr Adamson, Diogenes 2010 (2009) (‘Herr Adamson‘) Novel

Andrew Greig, As Though We Were Flying, Bloodaxe 2011 Poems

Derick Thomson at 90: A Celebration, The Gaelic Books Council & The Scottish Poetry Library 2011 Poems

Kevin Barry, There Are Little Kindoms, The Stinging Fly 2010 (2007) Stories

Urs Widmer, Stille Post, Diogenes 2011 (‘Chinese Whispers‘) Short Prose

Urs Widmer, My Father’s Book, Seagull 2011 Novel

Rolf Hermann, Hommage an das Rückenschwimmen in der Nähe von Chicago und anderswo, X-Time 2007 (‘Hommage to swimming backstroke near Chicago and elsewhere’) Poems

Des Dillon, an experiment in compassion, Luath 2011 Novel

Janice Galloway, All Made Up, Granta 2011 Memoir

Laszlo Krasznahorkai & Max Neumann, Animalinside, translated by Ottilie Mulzer, The Cahier Series 2010 Prose Texts & Paintings

Monica Cantieni, Grünschnabel, Schöffling & Co. 2011 (‘Greenhorn‘) Novel

AHRC CISS (ed.), Causeway / Cabhsair, Issue 3, Aberdeen 2011 A Magazine of Irish and Scottish Writing

Kunwar Narain, No Other World, translated by Apurva Narain, Arc 2010 Selected Poems

Rolf Hermann, Kurze Chronik einer Bruchlandung, X-Time 2011 (‘Short Chronicle of a Crash Landing‘) Poems

Max Frisch, Montauk (‘Montauk‘, 1975) in: MF, Gesammelte Werke in zeitlicher Folge, Suhrkamp 1976, pp.617-754 Long Story

Angelika Overath, Alle Farben des Schnees, Luchterhand 2010 (‘All the Colours of the Snow‘) Diary

Urs Widmer: Liebesbrief für Mary, Diogenes 1995 (1993) (‘Love Letter for Mary‘) Long Story

Urs Widmer, Der blaue Siphon, Diogenes 1994 (1992) (‘The Blue Siphon‘) Long Story

Urs Widmer, Die sechste Puppe im Bauch der fünften Puppe im Bauch der vierten und andere Ueberlegungen zur Literatur, Diogenes 1995 (1991) (‘The Sixth Doll Within the Fifth Doll Within the Fourth and Other Considerations on Literature‘) Graz Lectures on Poetics

Urs Widmer, Vom Leben, vom Tod und vom Uebrigen auch dies und das, Diogenes 2007 (‘On Life,  Death, and This and That of the Rest‘) Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics

David Kinloch, Finger of a Frenchman, Carcanet 2011 Poems

Abbas Khider, Die Orangen des Präsidenten, Nautilus 2011 (‘The President’s Oranges‘) Novel

Urs Widmer, My Mother’s Lover, Seagull Books 2011 Novel

Philip O’Ceallaigh (ed.), Sharp Sticks, Driven Nails, The Stinging Fly 2010 An Anthology of New Stories

Uwe Timm, Freitisch, Kiepenheuer & Witsch 2011 (‘Free Meals‘) Novella

Martin Zingg (ed.), New Swiss Writing 2011, Solothurn 2011 Anthology

James McGonigal, Passage / An Pasaiste, Mariscat Press 2004 Long Poem

Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Jonathan Cape 2003 Novel

David Nicholls, One Day, Hodder & Stoughton 2010 (2009) Novel

Norman MacCaig, The Many Days (ed. Roderick Watson), Polygon 2010 Selected Poems

James McGonigal, Cloud Pibroch, Mariscat 2010 Poems

Marc Lambert (ed.), Spirit of Jura, Polygon 2010 Fiction, Essays, Poems

Alan Bissett & Carl MacDougall (ed.), Stone Going Home Again, ASLS 2010 New Writing Scotland

AHRC CISS (ed.), Causeway / Cabhsair, Issue 2, Aberdeen 2010 A Magazine of Irish and Scottish Writing

Adam O’Riordan, In the Flesh, Chatto & Windus 2010 Poems

Allan Morrison, Ah Couldnae Believe Ma Ears, Hachette Scotland 2009 Overheard Banter

Dermot Healey, A Fool’s Errand, Gallery Books 2010 Poems

Frank O’Connor, Larry Delaney: Lonesome Genius, Killeen 1996 The Larry Delaney Stories

Colin Begg & Adrian Searle (ed.), Gutter 3, Glasgow 2010 The magazine of new Scottish writing

Françoise Pillet, Molène, Éditions Theatrales 2004 (‘Molène‘) Play

Andreas Neeser, Unsicherer Grund, Haymon 2010 (‘Uncertain Terrain‘) Stories

Jeanne Painchaud, Soudain, Les Éditions David 2002 (‘Suddenly‘) Haiku

Jeanne Painchaud, Je marche à côté d’une joie, Les 400 coups 2006 (1997) (‘I am walking alongside a joy‘) Instananés / Instantaneous Poems

Marie-Thérèse Schmitz, L’amour du diable, Gallimard 2002 (‘The Love of the Devil’) Novel

Carlos Liscano, L’écrivain et l’autre, Belfond 2010 (‘The Writer and the Other (Person)‘) In Place of an Unfinished Novel

Tahar Ben Jelloun, Beckett et Genet, un thé à Tanger, Gallimard 2010 (‘Beckett and Genet, Tea in Tangiers‘) Play

Marie-Thérèse Schmitz, Nu à la chaise, Gallimard 2010 (‘Nude, by the chair‘) Novel

Denis Langlois, Slogans pour les prochaines révolutions, Éditions du Seuil 2008 (‘Slogans for Future Revolutions‘) Graffiti (to mark 40th anniversary of 1968)

Felix Kauf & Michael Mettler, H stellt sich vor, Echtzeit 2010 (‘H introduces himself or H imagines‘) 87 shorts

Paul Oppenheimer, In Times of Danger, Spuyten Duyvil (due January 2011) 95 Sonnets

Jürg Halter, Nichts, das mich hält, Ammann 2008 (‘Nothing holding me‘) Poems

William Carlos Williams, Selected Poems, New Direction books 1963 (1949) Poems

Pedro Lenz, Der Goalie bin ig, Der gesunde Menschenverstand 2010 (‘The Goalie’s Me‘) Novel – in Swiss dialect

Arno Camenisch, Hinter dem Bahnhof, Engeler 2010 (‘Behind the Station‘) Novel

Christoph Simon, Spaziergänger Zbinden, bilgerverlag 2010 (‘Zbinden’s Progress‘) Novel

Seamus Heaney, Electric Light, Faber 2001 Poems

Barry Wallenstein, Tony’s World, Birch Book Press 2009 Poems

Wolfgang Bortlik, Fischer hat Durst, Salis 2009 (‘Fischer is Thirsty‘) Novel

Svenja Herrmann, Ausschwärmen, Wolfbach Verlag 2010 (‘Swarm‘) Poems

Caro Ramsay, Dark Water, Penguin 2010 Crime Novel

Edwin Morgan, Dreams and Other Nightmares. New and Uncollected Poems 1954-2009, Mariscat 2010 Poems

Louise Stern, Chattering, Granta 2010 Stories

Chris Powici (ed.), Northwords Now, Issue 15, Inverness 2010 Literary Magazine

Claire Keegan, Foster, Faber 2010 Story

Alan Spence, morning glory, Renaissance Press 2010 Haiku & Tanka. Illustrated by Elizabeth Blackadder

Joy Hendry, Chapman 110, Edinburgh 2010 Scotland’s Quality Literary Magazine

AHRC CISS (ed.), Causeway / Cabhsair, Issue 1, Aberdeen 2010 A Magazine of Irish and Scottish Writing

Andrew Greig, At the Loch of the Green Corrie, Quercus 2010 Non-Fiction

Arno Camenisch: Hinter dem Bahnhof, Urs Engeler 2010 (‘Behind the Station‘) Novel

Colin Begg & Adrian Searle (ed.), Gutter, No.2. Glasgow 2010 The Magazine of New Scottish Writing

Peter Bichsel, Kindergeschichten, Suhrkamp 2005 (Luchterhand 1969) (‘Stories for Children‘) Stories

Peter Bichsel, Eigentlich möchte Frau Blum den Milchmann kennenlernen, Suhrkamp 1997 (Walter-Verlag 1964) (‘And Really Frau Blum Would Very Much Like to Meet the Milkman‘) 21 Stories

Hannes Binder / Peter Stamm, Heidi. Nach der Geschichte von Johanna Spyri, Nagel & Kimche 2008 (‘Heidi. After the Story by Johanna Spyri‘) Children’s Book

Max Frisch, Entwürfe zu einem dritten Tagebuch, Suhrkamp 2010 (‘Drafts for a Third Diary‘) Diary

Kenneth Steven, The Ice & Other Stories, Argyll 2010 Stories

Ulrike Ulrich, fern bleiben, Luftschacht Verlag 2010 (‘stay away‘) Novel

Nicol Ljubic, Meeresstille, Hoffmann und Campe 2010 (‘A Calm Sea‘) Novel

Simon Froehling, Lange Naechte Tag, bilgerverlag 2010 (‘Long Nights Day‘) Novel

James Kelman, if it is your life, Hamish Hamilton 2010, Stories

Franco Supino, Solothurn liegt am Meer, knapp 2009 (‘Solothurn is by the Sea‘) Stories, Texts, Speeches

Peter Bichsel, Der Leser. Das Erzaehlen, Luchterhand 1984 (1982) (‘The Reader. Storytelling‘) Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics

Urs Widmer, Das Buch des Vaters, Diogenes 2005 (2004) (‘My Father’s Book‘) Novel

Victor Terán: Poems / Diidxado’, Poetry Translation Centre 2010 Poems – Translated from Zapotec by David Shook

Paulette Dubé, Gaits, Thistledown Press 2010 Poems

Urs Widmer, Der Geliebte der Mutter, Diogenes 2003 (2000) (‘My Mother’s Lover‘) Novel

Abbas Khider, Der falsche Inder, Nautilus 2008 (‘The Village Indian‘) Novel

Donny O’Rourke, One Light Burning, Bonny Day 2007 Poems

Cormac McCarthy, The Road, Picador 2006 Novel

Tim Krohn, Ans Meer, Galiani Berlin 2009 (‘To the Sea‘) Novel

Liam Browne, The Emigrant’s Farewell, Bloomsbury 2006 Novel

Stuart Kelly (ed.): Headshook. Contemporary Novelists and Poets Writing on Scotland’s Future, Hachette 2009 Anthology

Philip O Ceallaigh: The Pleasant Light of Day, Penguin Ireland 2009 Short Stories

Kathrin Schmidt, Du stirbst nicht, Kiepenheuer & Witsch 2009 (‘You are not dying‘) Novel

Tom Leonard, outside the narrative, Poems 1965-2009, Etruscan & Word Power Books 2009 Poems

Raymond Carver, Beginners, Jonathan Cape 2009 Short Stories – The Original Version of What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Carol Ann Duffy, Rapture, Picador 2006 (2005) Poems

Jürgen Theobaldy, Zweiter Klasse, Rotbuch 1976 (‘Second Class‘) Poems

Jürgen Theobaldy, Blaue Flecken, Rowohlt 1974 (‘Bruises‘) Poems

Marusa Krese, Heute nicht / Danes ne, Drava Verlag 2009 (‘Not today‘) PoemsTranslated from Slovene by Fabjan Hafner

Marusa Krese, All meine Weihnachten, Drava Verlag 2006 (‘All My Christmases‘) Short Prose Translated from Slovene by Fabjan Hafner

Brian McCabe (ed.), Passing Place, Edinburgh Review 126, Edinburgh 2009 Literary Magazine

Alan Bissett & Liz Niven, In The Event of Fire, ASLS 2009 New Scottish Writing

Colin Begg & Adrian Searle (ed.), Gutter, No.1. Glasgow 2009 The Magazine of New Scottish Writing

A L Kennedy, What Becomes, Jonathan Cape 2009 Short Stories

Ali Smith, the first person & other stories, Hamish Hamilton 2008 Short Stories

Herta Müller: Atemschaukel, Hanser 2009 Novel

János Térey: KaltWasserKult, merz&solitude 2007, (‘ColdWaterCult‘) Poems Translated from Hungarian by Orsolya Kalász & Monika Rinck

Daniel Oliver Bachmann: Anthony, oder: Mein wildes Leben mit dem Wilden, Manuscript 2009, (‘Anthony, or: My Wild Life with the Wild Man‘) Satire

Modris Zihmanis: Sibirischer Hardrock, Latvia 2009, (‘Siberian Hardrock‘) Poems – Translated from Latvian by Silvija Gibiete

Liam McIlvanney: All the Colours of the Town, Faber 2009. Novel

Andrew O’Hagan & Colm Toibin (ed.): New Writing 11, Picador 2002. New Writing Anthology

Raymond Carver & Tom Jenks (ed.): American Short Story Masterpieces, Dell Publishing 1989 (1987). Short Stories

Don Paterson: The Blind Eye. A Book of Late Advice, Faber 2007. Aphorisms

Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker: Magdalenaberg, Hoffmann und Campe 2009, (‘Magdalene Hill‘). Novel

Valzyna Mort: Traenenfabrik, Suhrkamp 2009, (‘Factory of Tears‘). Poems – Translated from Bellorussian by Katharina Narbutovic

Arno Camenisch: Sez Ner, Urs Engeler 2009. Novel – Bi-lingual text, Rhaeto-Romanic & German; named after the mountain Piz Sez Ner

Peter Rosei: Das grosse Töten, Residenz Verlag 2009, (‘A Shooting Spree‘). Novel

Daniel Zahno: Die Geliebte des Gelatiere, Weissbooks 2009, (´The Gelatiere´s Lover´). Novel

Ralf Rothmann: Hitze, Suhrkamp 2005 (2003), (´Heat´). Novel

Nora Gomringer: Klimaforschung, Voland & Quist 2008, (‘Climate Research‘). Poems

Ralf Rothmann: Feuer brennt nicht, Suhrkamp 2009, (‘Fire doesn’t burn‘). Novel

Ralf Rothmann: Vollkommene Stille. Rede zur Verleihung des Max Frisch-Preises 2006, Suhrkamp 2006, (‘Complete Silence. Acceptance speech upon receipt of the Max Frisch Prize 2006‘). Speech

Pedro Lenz: Plötzlech hets di am Füdle. Banale Geschichten, Cosmos 2009, (‘Aw ae a sudden yir caught wrang-fitted‘). ‘Banal Stories’

Caro Ramsay: Absolution, Penguin 2008 (2007). Crime novel

Daniel Glattauer: Gut gegen Nordwind, Goldmann 2008 (2006), (‘Good for North Winds‘). (E-mail) Novel

Stephen Watts: Mountain Language / Lingua di montagna, translated by Cristina Viti, Hearing Eye 2008. Prose poems / ‘Scrolls’

Ralf Rothmann: Ein Winter unter Hirschen, Suhrkamp 2003 (2001), (‘A Winter Among Stags‘). Stories

Francis McKee & Louise Shelley (ed.): 2HB vol.1, CCA Glasgow 2009. A new quarterly

Isobel Murray (ed.): Scottish Writers Talking 3, John Donald 2006. Interviews

David Peace: The Damned Utd, Faber 2007 (2006). Novel

Brian Whittingham: Bunnets n Bowlers. A Clydeside Odyssey, Luath 2009. Poems

Hilde Ziegler: Waehrend der Verlobung wirft einer einen Hering an die Decke. 198 Erinnerungen eines Kindes, Lenos 2003 (1988), (‘As the two get engaged, someone throws a herring at the ceiling. 198 memories of a child’). Autobiography

Junot Diaz: Drown, Faber 1996. Stories

Ralf Rothmann: Kratzer, Suhrkamp 1991 (1987), (‘Scratches’). Poems

Derek Jarman: Chroma, Vintage 2000 (1994). A Book of Colour / Autobiography

Ralf Rothmann: Rehe am Meer, Suhrkamp 2008, (‘Deer by the Sea’). Stories

Richard Yates: Revolutionary Road, Methuen 2001 (1961). Novel

François Bégaudeau : Entre les murs, Editions Gallimard 2006, (‘The Class‘). Novel – the film version of this book won the Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2008

Julieann Campbell & Tom Herron (ed.): Harrowing of the Heart. The Poetry of Bloody Sunday, Guildhall Press 2008. A Collection of Poetry, Song and Drama

Lara Vapnyar: Broccoli and Other Tales of Food and Love, Pantheon Books 2008. Stories

John McGahern: Creatures of the Earth, Faber 2006. New and Selected Stories

David Park: The Truth Commissioner, Bloomsbury 2008. Novel

Ernest Hemingway: The Collected Stories, Everyman’s Library 1995. Stories

Peter Manson: Between Cup and Lip, Miami University Press 2008. Poems

Rolf Lappert: Nach Hause Schwimmen, Hanser Verlag 2008, (‘Swimming Home’). Novel

Franco Supino: Das andere Leben, Rotpunktverlag 2008, (‘The Other Life’). Novel

Janice Galloway: This is Not About Me, Granta 2008. Memoir

Kurt Aebli: Ich bin eine Nummer zu klein fuer mich, Urs Engeler 2007. (‘I am a size too small for myself’) Poems

Chris Dolan: Hour after hour, Glasgow 2008; published as part of Glasgow’s Cultural Pathfinder project for older people. Stories

Liz Niven & Brian Whittingham (ed.): Bucket of Frogs, ASLS 2008. New Writing Scotland

lights off the quay, Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008. New Writing from Scotland

John Brown (ed.): Magnetic North. The Emerging Poets, The Verbal Arts Centre / The Lagan Press 2006). Poems from the North of Ireland

Peter Stamm: Wir Fliegen, S. Fischer 2008, (‘Flying‘). Short Stories

Emily Raboteau: The Professor’s Daughter, Henry Holt 2005. Novel

jhumpa lahiri: interpreter of maladies, Flamingo 1999. Short Stories

Damijan Sinigoj & Lenart Zajc: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon, Slovene Writers’ Association 2007. Short Stories by Slovene writers born after 1960

Ales Steger & Mitja Cander: Zu zweit nirgendwo. Neue Erzaehlungen aus Slovenien, Suhrkamp 2006, (‘the two of us nowhere‘). Short Stories from Slovenia

Jean-Dominique Bauby: The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly, translated by Jeremy Leggatt, Harper Perennial 2008. Memoir

Maggie Graham: Sitting Among the Eskimos, Headline Review 2000. Novel

Max Frisch / Uwe Johnson: Der Briefwechsel, Suhrkamp 1999. Letters

Andrej Skubic: Fuzine Blues, translated by David Limon, Slovene Writers’ Association 2007. Novel

James Kelman: Kieron Smith, Boy, Hamish Hamilton 2008. Novel

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