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Pedro Lenz

Donal’s translations of love stories by Pedro Lenz, published in Best European Fiction, have been highlighted in reviews of the annual anthology:

Besides serving up texts that might otherwise remain inaccessible to Anglophone readers, the volume’s greatest strength lies in its attention to the problems of translation itself. Pedro Lenz’s piquant vignettes, originally performed as spoken-word pieces, are here committed to the page in something resembling free verse, transposed from Lenz’s Bern dialect into thick urban Scots. It’s the kind of intervention – risky, provocative, & awkward – on which Dalkey Archive thrives, and for which this collection, at its best points, is a showcase.

Peter Mitchell, TLS


A few of the stories tend towards the predictable or banal, and a few of the translations sit rather flat and lifeless in English – though this certainly can’t be said for Pedro Lenz’s Swiss stories, where translator Donal McLaughlin keeps a sharp edge to the humour, recreating the original Berne dialect as a Glaswegian voice that’s bold and energetic.

Daniel Hahn, The Guardian



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