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Allergic COVER 6

In the month in which Donal’s book appears, ‘big trouble’ – a new story commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council – has also been published on the SAC website.

Set in 1968, this story is a prequel to the Liam stories in an allergic reaction to national anthems & other stories (which has been reviewed favourably in the latest Scottish Review of Books, as well as in The Herald [Glasgow]).

To read ‘big trouble’, visit the SAC website and click on ‘Arts in Scotland’ and then ‘Literature’. Alternatively, copy and paste the following link:

Donal has also recently received Issue 16 of the French poetry magazine N4728 – which includes translations of poems by the Gaelic poet Meg Bateman on which Donal collaborated with the French poet Laurent Grisel.

All of this, hot on the heels of the Sommer-akademie of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin in late August, for which Donal was selected, together with a dozen other translators from all over the world. Chile, China, Denmark, Hungary, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, and Uzbekistan were the other countries represented.

A superb five-day programme impressed Donal and his fellow translators greatly. Talks by leading literary critics, readings by some of the biggest names in German literature, visits to various publishing houses around Berlin – as well as generous book gifts – combined to provide the participants with a great overview of what is going on in German literature NOW.

Imagine a dozen or so translators from all over the world coming to Scotland each year & being offered a similar programme…