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UPDATE: June 2009

A whack of material has been added here of late – especially to Windows on the World (Column 2).

The entry on Paulette Dubé now includes a wonderful letter to her son, André, written as he was about to travel to Ireland this Spring. Paulette’s experience of Northern Ireland in May 1986 will chill you.

You can also read extracts from both Gergely Nagy‘s novels. The one from Angst will take you to present-day Budapest, a city that has changed considerably since the revolutions of 1989-90 in eastern Europe. The extracts from Loud! are a must (not just) for lovers of The Clash & Fender guitars!

Slovene writer Andrej E. Skubic merits special attention too. Andrej is the editor of an anthology of Scottish writing in Slovene translation – and a great fan of Jim Kelman (whom he was translated) and Janice Galloway. The extracts from his novel Fuzine Blues allow us to see how his editorial and translation work may have impacted on his writing.

Finally, you might want to look at the section on The Reader (the play) under Translations: material relating to Donal’s collaboration with Chris Dolan, back in 2000, to create a stage version of Bernhard Schlink‘s best-selling novel Der Vorleser / The Reader. Now a film, of course. And out on DVD.

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