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and THANK YOU for checking out donal mclaughlin: on & off the page.

The PAGES in Column 2 contain details of my work: what I write, read, translate, have edited or have had translated.

Please take time to hover over the LINKS in Column 3. Click, to see more.

As the site has grown, I have been adding my translations of writers from German-speaking Europe. Also – under ‘Windows on the World’ (bottom of Column 2) –  short features on writers from other countries, especially in eastern Europe. It’s been said often before, but let’s say it again: in the UK, far too little is published in translation. Readers are missing out – big-time!

That’s it for the moment, folks!

Drop in again some time!




Allergic COVER 6

“an outstanding first short story collection”

Scottish Review of Books

1 Comment»

  kotrynagaranasvili wrote @

Dear Donal,
Hope this finds you well. 
I’m writing to you about your translation of Pedro Lenz’s Der Goalie Bin Ig into Scots.
I’m a PhD student in translation at the University of East Anglia. My thesis revolves around translation of non-standard language, including Der Goalie Bin Ig. One of the translations I analyse is Naw Much of A Talker. 
I was wondering if it would be possible to send you questions about your translation or do an interview?
I’d be very grateful for your help.
My contact details are below. Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best,

Kotryna Garanasvili |

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