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100, 000 WELCOMES

yes, welcomewelcomewelcomewelcomewelcomewelcome

and THANK YOU for checking out donal mclaughlin: on & off the page.

It’s finally happened! Persuaded by the argument that a web presence is the new business card, I’ve taken the plunge – not long after finally replacing my first-ever laptop & first-ever mobile!! What next? me wonders.

The PAGES in Column 2 contain details of my work: what I write, read, translate, have edited or have had translated.

Please take time to hover over the LINKS in COlumn 3. Click, to see more.

As the site has grown, I have been adding my translations of writers from German-speaking Europe. Also – under ‘Windows on the World’ (bottom of Column 2) –  short features on writers from other countries, especially in eastern Europe. It’s been said often before, but let’s say it again: in the UK, far too little is published in translation. Readers are missing out – big-time!

That’s it for the moment, folks!

Drop in again some time!




Allergic COVER 6

“an outstanding first short story collection”

Scottish Review of Books


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